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Magnussons Grain Free Light baked food for overweight dogs, grain free

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Age: Adult Animal; Breed/Size: For toy/dwarf breeds, For large breeds, For small breeds, For medium breeds; Manufacturer: Magnussons; Country of origin: Russia; Ingredients: Beef; Packing Type: Package; Product category: Dry food Magnussons LOCAL baked food is baked according to Swedish technology at a localized production in Russia. Roasting is a slow and gentle technology that preserves the natural taste and benefits of the ingredients. The baked food is compatible with natural feeding, is not treated with oil, does not contain flavor enhancers, odor enhancers and preservatives. Shelf life 10 months. A diet high in protein is too high in energy, which can make it difficult for an inactive dog to maintain a healthy weight and lead to overgrowth and obesity. All this can negatively affect the bones and joints. A good way to keep your dog in shape is to eat Magnussons Grain Free Light. This is a complete and balanced diet without cereals and gluten with a reduced content of proteins and fats. The source of animal protein is fresh boneless ground beef (34% fresh meat) without the addition of meat, fish, chicken meal or by-products. The food contains fresh chicken eggs as a source of all essential amino acids, and fresh carrots, which are an excellent source of vitamin A, regulate carbohydrate metabolism and have a positive effect on your dog's digestive system. The source of carbohydrates is wholemeal buckwheat flour. Buckwheat is gluten-free, rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber, improves metabolism and helps remove excess water from the body. Dogs need vitamins and minerals in small amounts compared to other nutrients. However, they are vital. The daily requirement of vitamins and trace elements in sufficient quantities for the healthy growth and development of your dog is already contained in the food. For adult dogs, food can be given both in dry and soaked form. Do not fill the food with broth or milk, it is best to use warm water so that it covers the food. The amount of feed may vary depending on the breed, temperament, exercise, climate and other factors. Water is the most important nutrient. An adult dog needs 2-3 parts of water to one part of dry food. Ingredients: 34% fresh beef, wholemeal buckwheat, fresh whole eggs, fresh carrots, sunflower oil, natural antioxidant complex (rosemary extract, green tea extract), vegetable fiber (psyllium). Typical analysis: proteins 20%, fat 8%, fiber 3%, carbohydrates (NFU) 53.3%, minerals (ash) 6.7% (calcium 1.3%, phosphorus 1%), water 9% Vitamins and nutrients per 1 kg: Vitamin A 14000 IE, Vitamin D3 1400 IE, Vitamin E 150 IE, Vitamin C 100 mg, Biotin H 0.3 mg, Vitamin B12 0.1 mg, Choline 1500 mg, Iron Fe (iron sulfate) 467 mg, Thiamine B1 10 mg, Copper Cu (copper sulfate) 42 mg, Riboflavin B2 12 mg, Manganese Mn (manganese oxide) 45 mg, Pantothenic acid B5 25 mg, Zinc Zn (zinc oxide) 186 mg, Niacin B3 60 mg , Iodine I (calcium iodide) 2.2 mg, Pyridoxine B6 6 mg, Selenium Se (sodium selenite) 0.31 mg, Folic acid 1 mg Calories: 1359 kJ / 100 g 324 kcal / 100 g dry and soaked, pouring it with warm water. Feeding rates are indicated on the package and vary depending on the breed, temperament, physical activity and climate. Do not forget that the dog should always have clean drinking water. The date of manufacture is indicated on the packaging. Store food in a dry place at room temperature.
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    Magnussons Grain Free Light baked food for overweight dogs, grain free
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